Panic Attacks- How Can Yoga Help You Fight It

Panic attacks feel almost like heart attacks, but in most cases, the tests fail to prove them or their symptoms. There are ample reasons for which we tend to get nervous and have panic attacks.
If you are anxious about a lot of different issues at one time, then the chances of having panic attacks increases drastically for you. The person getting panic attacks primarily experiences breathing problems, rapidity of heartbeat, palpitations, trembling, sweating, chest pain, nausea and dizziness.

Recent study shows, that yoga has miraculous effects on a variety of physical and psychological illnesses and panic attacks being no exception can be controlled and reduced with the help of yoga.

Yoga enlightens us about the fact that we should locate the prime source of an illness before we try to find a proper cure. Unfortunately, there is not only singular reason resulting to panic attacks.

In yoga, the techniques of relaxed breathing play a vital role in relaxing the aspects related to the outburst of panic attacks. It is very important to train the panic attack sufferers about diaphragmatic breathing technique and make a part of their lives through yoga.

One of the equally important segments of yoga is meditation.
This discipline of yoga primarily deals with emotions, mind and imagination. Meditation primarily teaches us to react calmly to the disturbing images that arrive in our mind.

Our breathing controls the signals that are sent to the mind and thus it tends to regulate our reactions to these images and sooths your mind from getting dreadful thoughts.

Meditation adheres to the classic concept of the Bhagavad Gita, which states that no one has the power to destroy the inner self. Hence we should be aware of our inner self and this will help us yard off the problem of anxiety.

Pranayama plays a vital role in treating the problem of panic attacks. You just have to practice deep breathing on a regular basis and imagining the nicest things in your life while doing yoga is a very important aspect as imagination has an important role to play in terms of healthy living. It is important to note that you should practice slow paced breathing while doing yoga and meditation.

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