Skincare is the most intricate part of beautification. There are effective make over tips to manage the flaws of eyes, facial shape, lip size, and managing under-eye dark circles by application of different kind of foundations and make over products, but unless a person is sound in health and maintains a healthy life style, cannot..
Gynecomastia is a peculiar disease that impacts awkward in a male body. The name of the disease itself signifies the problem with this disease. In Greek language,”Gyne” means woman and “mastos” means breast. With the attack of this disease, in male body, breast development like females is observed and that in all aspect makes the..
It is said that women are multi-tasker and at a time a woman can manage her professional as well as family life with equal perfection and expertise. Much emphasize is given on their versatility. But often this type of multi tasking creates active or passive kind of stress in a life flow of a woman..
Tinnitus is a disease where the patients hear some sound like hissing, roaring, whooshing, or ringing sound of ocean continuously in the ear irrespective of the place he or she is located. It is one of the intangible diseases that really put the doctors in trouble because this problem is not typically produced by any..
Healthy diet is a balanced diet that keeps a proportional symmetry between intake of calorie, nutrition, and requirement of body in perspective of calorie and other minerals and vitamins. Generally, we understand diet as some regulations on the food regimen and the person under dieting must be conscious about food type and related calorie factors...
Dandruff seems to be like dry skins in the form of dead follicles coming out of the scalp and in the form of small particles visible in the hair. These particles look shiny and silvery and cause infection in the scalp that demands major concern because dandruff harms hair health as well as it looks..
Acupuncture, a Chinese traditional medicine, is a 3000 year-old complete health system which has shown tremendous beneficial effect on women’s fertility. May case studies have shown that women with fertility problem, given up hope on conceiving ended up going through the acupuncture procedure as a last resort and finally ended up being more than satisfied..
As the Saying goes “Old habits die hard”, smoking is a habit which is very difficult to do away with.  And one who decides on quitting smoking has to be really strong with his decision and stick to it.   Following these steps mentioned here below would help one to firmly stick to his decision and..
The cloud of uncertainty about soy and its effect on men’s fertility still looms in the air and research has shown that the intake of soy products reduces the sperm count in men almost by half. It is also seen that the intake of soy products and the effect on their fertility is proportional. Men..
Today’s stressful life has deprived the human of the most needed eight hours sleep.  Getting a good night’s sleep for an uninterrupted eight hours makes one feel refreshed and alert during the day.  Not many are fortunate enough to get this, because of their busy work schedule, their lifestyle or poor bedtime habits. Lack of..
fter much debate surrounding the benefits of chocolates, research has shown that consuming chocolate, especially the dark chocolate, is indeed very beneficial to one’s health.    Chocolate is rich in anti-oxidants which fights against heart diseases.  It has been found that it contains flavonoids, which is beneficial for cardiovascular health and is found naturally in foods..