Natural Treatment for Foul Smell of Vagina

Vagina has a particular smell, somehow, not at all pleasing but its normal and it should not be a problem because this is a common factor for every women and if someone cares for the cleanliness for the genital parts this odor cannot be prominent even causing any particular concern about it. According to the date of menstruation cycle this problem of vaginal odor gets light or intensified but that never goes beyond normalcy in any situation unless there is any anomaly in physical condition, infection in vagina, or abrupt change in internal pH level.

Generally, the problem of vaginal odor is caused due to certain infection; out of the common problem bacterial vaginitis or yeast infection triggers foul smell in vagina along with some other complications like white discharge, burning sensation, or white discharge in abnormal intensity.

In these cases you need to visit at the gynecologist’s chamber and need to take medicine according to the prescription. When the problem or infection will be under control, the foul smell gets cured without any other treatment.

However, in normal cases some one may feel the vaginal odor in its intensified condition. One thing we need to remember that vaginal odor cannot be eliminated it can be reduced and controlled so that it cannot be acute in any case. Maintenance of personal hygiene helps to keep this problem under control.

Sometimes we feel that over washing the genitals will be the best way to keep them clean and odorless. As less washing may lead to unhealthy fishy smell from female genitals over washing of the genitals makes vaginal glands overactive to maintain pH level acidic and attracts more secretion causing again tendency of foul smell.

Always you should use cotton undergarments and these garments need to be washed and sun dried regularly to prevent any infection, bacterial or fungal. Urinary track infection initiates vaginal infection in some cases in those cases prevention to avoid UTI will give better prevention from this silly but embarrassing problem.

Healthy diet, adequate consumption of water and regular exercise keeps the problem of vaginal odor away. Many women have found better prevention in increasing their vitamin C intake.

Inserting a tampon in fresh yoghurt needs to be placed in vagina for 20-25 minutes, this simple process tend to kill the harmful odor causing bacteria in vagina checking the problem of vaginal odor. Indulging a bath with apple cider vinegar treated water helps curing vaginal odor efficiently.

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