Natural Remedies Using Ajwain

Ajwain or Trachyspermum copticum, popularly known as carom seeds is a spice used also as a medicine. It is a traditional medicine to treat digestive problems.

Ajwain is widely used to treat gastritis, intestinal parasites, diarrhea etc. The water boiled with ajwain if taken can give relief from the fatigue due to dehydration.

The fumes of powdered ajwain are beneficial in treating migraine. The powdered ajwain is mixed with butter to remove excess kapha from the body. Ajwain powder mixed with buttermilk is effective to treat alcohol addiction and also to treat various diseases due to alcoholism.

The leaves of ajwain are also having medicinal properties. Tender leaves of ajwain made to a fine paste with honey, is taken two times per day for seven days to treat intestinal parasites. The juice from its leaves is an excellent detoxifier and can be applied on the wounds.

Equal quantities of ajwain, dried ginger, chilly, rock salt, piper longum, cumin, fennel and asafoetida are powdered and taken along with warm ghee and brown rice as appetizer and it also cures loss of appetite. Before using in ayurvedic preparations, ajwain is processed by soaking in goat milk for 12 hours and drying it in sunlight.

The oil, thymol, contained in ajwain possesses antiseptic properties. This oil is used as an ingredient in toothpastes and mouthwashes as well. Ajwain mixed with turmeric is an excellent medicine for skin care. The same is applied over the chest as an ointment to give relief from asthma.

Equal measures of soaked ajwain and dried ginger is mixed with lemon juice and the powder obtained from its dried mixture is used as an effective medicine for all lung diseases. 2 gm of this powder is taken along with salt to serve this purpose. Ajwain is helpful to treat tuberculosis.

One teaspoon each of ajwain and fenugreek are boiled in one glass of water for half an hour to prepare decoction. 30 mL of this decoction is mixed with one tablespoon of honey and has to be taken three times a day to treat tuberculosis.

The steam obtained by boiling ajwain in water can be inhaled to treat common cold. Water boiled with salt and ajwain if gargled can help you to get rid of sore throat.The uses of ajwain in natural cure are endless. If used in our daily cuisine we can enjoy most of its medicinal properties.

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