Natural Medicinal Use of Onion

Onion is a common item in kitchen shelf especially in spice rack. It is sharp in taste and has a special aroma. It is considered one of the essential spices in different cuisines and salads as well.

However, apart from its use in gastronomy, onion is has multiple medical attributes and can be used as effective herbal medicine against many complications. For medicinal use, onion juice is more preferred form and among different varieties, white onion is mostly preferred for its medicinal properties.

Almost all the parts of onion plants are enriched with medicinal attributes. The seeds of onion improve semen, provide natural relief from dental worms, and cure from the discomfort of urinary diseases. Some health benefits of onion are described here.

Consumption of onion juice works as natural expectorant; it dilutes phlegm and further prevents added formation of cough.  Herbal combination of one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of onion juice helps in providing comfort in diseases like influenza, cold attack, bronchitis, and dry cough problem. Regular consumption of onion and honey combination in wintry season improves natural resistance of body and helps to ensure prevention from cold attack.

Raw onion has strong anti bacterial properties. Chewing raw onion regularly prevents formation of dental decay due to bacterial infection and cures toothache.

Regular consumption of onion juice with honey works as excellent herbal antidote for anemia for its rich iron content.

Regular consumption of raw onion is good for the heart patients. It helps in lowering bad cholesterol and prevents the chance of thrombosis.

Consumption of onion and sugar combination is highly curative for bleeding piles. Ideally this herbal medicine should be consumed by 2 times per day.  It works within 2-3 days after the first consumption.

Regular consumption of onion improves libido and makes the reproductive organs strong. White variety of onion sliced and fried in butter should be consumed with honey regularly; this remedy helps in improving sexual desire if it can be consumed daily preferably in empty stomach.

Consumption on onion juice with black pepper powder and pinch of sugar in it cures the problem of excessive thirst of cholera patient. This home remedy reduced promptly the discomfort of nausea and vomiting tendency of the patient. Around 30 grams of onion and seven black pepper seeds are to be used to form this herbal infusion.

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