Home Remedies For Pneumonia

Pneumonia needs to be treated by the medical professionals at the very first occurrence of the ailment, otherwise it may prove fatal. The home remedies are meant for comfort and relief for the patient not for curing the infection. So, while these remedies are applied these should be taken in account as a supportive process of the medicinal treatment.

Massage with turpentine oil and then wrapping the chest with warm woolen towel is good option of home treatment of pneumonia. This application of oil massage helps in curing the pain and chocking discomfort.

Herbal tea made by fenugreek seeds’ decoction and treated by black pepper powder helps to cure the suffocation breathing problem of pneumonia and provides temporary relief. It is a remedy which makes a patient feel better with positive and quick result.

Congestion and coughing is a great pain for pneumonia patient. Frequent consumption of lemon juice and honey treated lukewarm water helps to relieve the problem of congestion and coughing to some extent.

Although these relieves are temporary but it make patient cheerful and sanguine about his fast recovery. This motivation and positive outlook act as natural stimulant for faster recovery from this fatal disease.

Infection in lungs is a big crucial problem in pneumonia infection. Consumption of 300ml carrot juice with 200ml spinach juice helps making heart strong and makes the treatment easier with better immunity. This is an effective passive cure remedy to treat the problem of pneumonia.

Garlic helps to low down high temperature of pneumonia and provides relief for the patient from headache and muscle cramp. Sometimes paste of garlic with mustard oil is applied by massage on the chest of the pneumonia patient for clearance of chest congestion and ease of breathing.

The accumulated phlegm in bronchial tubes makes the problem for easy breathing. Take 250 ml water, add 15 gram sesame oil seeds here along with a pinch of rock salt, one table spoon linseed, and one dessert spoon full natural honey in it and stir well to blend the items evenly.

The patient should consume this mixture regularly in lukewarm condition; it will release phlegm from bronchial tube naturally and will intitate fast recovery from pneumonia.

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