Home Remedies For Delayed Period

Delayed period is a recurring problem for some ladies as it creates some unnatural symptoms like pain in breast, heaviness in lower abdomen, feeling of lethargy, and nausea. In fact while the menstruation period is delayed it induces an extension of PMS syndrome which makes the life of the affected women miserable and stressful.

There are many reasons for this problem which requires medical attention; otherwise there may be other related problems. There are home remedies which also can be tried with medicines to get greater impact of the healing process in restoring regularity in menstruation cycles.

You need to make a decoction by aerial roots of the banyan tree and drink the decoction with one cup of lukewarm cow milk at the night before going to bed at least for 3-4 menstrual cycles.

You need to make a decoction made by the roots of bitter gourd and consume it in the last week of the schedules menstruation cycle; this remedy helps to the initiation of the menstrual period.

Fennel seeds consumption helps to set menstruation cycle in proper time. Soak some fennel seeds in water overnight and consume the water and the soaked seed in the morning in empty stomach. This helps to regularize the menstrual period. This effective treatment and remedy needs to be started after 7 days of the last menstruation.

Regular consumption of one cup of grape juice helps to normalize and regularize the menstrual cycle as well as menstrual problems.

A decoction needs to be made out of coriander leaves and boiled water. Let the decoction cool down; you need to consume this decoction at least three times a day. This remedy needs to be started after the first week is over after the last menstrual period.

Consumption of raw carrots helps in initiating menstrual period and makes the menstrual cycle regularized.

Regular practicing of yoga helps to cure the problem of delayed menstrual period. However, you need to contact a good yoga trainer for the relevant advice.

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