Herbal Cure For Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is a fatal infection and it causes severe infection in lungs. Before discovery of its vaccination, it was considered as a fatal disease and there was hardly any chance to get it cured. Presently, it is completely curable and hardly there is any chance of affecting health and immunity if proper medication and dietary support is ensured.

The herbal remedies of tuberculosis are meant to support the medications process advised by the doctor. It is in no way should be treated as a substitute of medical treatment and medicinal back up.

Indian Gooseberry is popularly known as amla, and amla is beneficial in revitalizing the immunity of the health system. The tuberculosis patient is advised to take one teaspoon of gooseberry and one teaspoon of natural honey in the morning in empty stomach at least for 2-3 months.

Consumption of pineapple juice proves to be highly beneficial for lung as well a for tuberculosis patients. It is recommended to consume one glassful pineapple juice in the morning by the patient; it will help to remove the unwanted mucus from lung and will effect positively on the immunity system.

Milk is the natural source of calcium and calcium helps to prevent tuberculosis. Consumption of milk as much as the optimum capacity of the patient is recommended in daily basis; it helps to cure the infection of tuberculosis faster.

Custard apple is considered one of the most vital herbal medicines of the treatment of tuberculosis; however, there I a wonderful remedial medicine can be made using this fruit’s pulp, 15-20 seedless raisins need to be boiled together in low flame for such time unless the decoction amounts into one third volume of the initial volume.

Let it be cool; further you need to filter the decoction and you need to add 2-3 teaspoon full sugar, a pinch of cardamom and a pinch of cinnamon in it. Now stir the combination properly and let the patient take it regularly per day basis. This is one of the best herbal remedies of tuberculosis.

Consumption of orange is also beneficial for the cure of tuberculosis. The patient is advised to take one glass full orange juice with one pinch of rock salt and 2-3 teaspoon full natural honey. This juice will help to strong the immunity system as well as will help to cure the infection adding vitality to the affected health.

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