Dry scalp treatment

Dry scalp is an unusual condition of scalp. The problem of dry scalp gets in its height at winter season. Dry scalp initiates the problem of dandruff in many instances. Inadequate oil secretion by sebaceous gland is one of the main reasons for having dry scalp issue.However, dry scalp issue and dandruff treatment are not alike, even these two are complete different factors.

However the problem of dry scalp induces issue like intense itching on scalp, formation of white flakes on scalp, and the problem of hair loss. However, dry scalp treatment can be done by easy home remedies and it is completely curable.

Gentle massage with olive oil is a well known treatment process of dry scalp. In this process scalp should be massaged by olive oil and then two hours the head will be under cover of a shower cap and then should be thoroughly washed off by herbal shampoos.

Those who suffer from dry scalp problem, they should never try for bathing in warm water. Warm water may cause more roughness in scalp which is not healthy for maintaining good scalp and hair health.

Application of water and vinegar combination is recommended to apply on dry scalp. This simple remedy heals dry scalp problem most efficiently. As dietary remedy, consumption of vitamin B and C are especially beneficial for those patients suffering from dry scalp problem.

Oil of jojoba oil is a good natural cure treatment for dry scalp problem; massage by jojoba oil can moisturize dry hair scalp efficiently. It helps in rebalancing the oils secretions by sebaceous gland thus restores normal oil in dry skin.

Light massage on dry scalp with tea tree oil helps curing dandruff, head lice problem. Tea tree massage helps to activate the low oil production capacity of sebaceous glands on scalp, thus cures the problem of dryness. However, tea tree should not be used alone as it is highly corrosive in nature. It is to be mixed with olive oil or coconut oil for application on scalp.

Gentle massage with basil oil, clary sage oil, chamomile oil, lavender oil, lemon oil, and myrrh oil together will provide relief from dry scalp issue if applied once in a week.

An excellent dry scalp remedy is a hair pack made of honey and milk. In order to make the pack we have to mix ½ cup milk and ¼ cup of honey, and 2 table spoonfuls virgin olive oil together. After application of this pack, the pack should stay on scalp for next two hours followed by a mild shampoo wash. Two to three times use in a week of this pack will cure dry scalp issue as well as of the itchiness of scalp.

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