Diet for Typhoid Patient

The main motive behind diet therapy of typhoid patients are supplying proper nutrition, balancing water and electrolyte proportion, and making provision for adequate protein value in food to revitalization of system and supply of energy.

As typhoid is an intestinal disorder, proper diet plays a major role in replenishing health and nutrition quotient of immunity system. An ideal diet for typhoid patient needs to be made on small and frequent meals, adequate intake of fluid and salt for balancing of body fluid and pH, and the nature of the diet should be overall soft, bland, low fibered, and digestible diet will be the best option for a typhoid patient which will not irritate his weak intestinal system.

In typhoid infection, digestive track gets infected and thus the digestive power of typhoid patient gets lowered. That is why tough digest foods like fibers are not recommended this time in dietary plan. That is low fiber diet is solicited this time for the suffering or just cured patients of typhoid.

Fats in restricted amount need to be included in diet due to arrangement of required energy. In case the symptom of diarrhea persists with the patient, light emulsified fats like butter, cream, milk fats are recommended because these items gets easily digested.

In the quarantine period of typhoid the patient suffers from excessive loss of electrolyte materials due to excessive sweating, for example, potassium, sodium, and chloride, therefore consumption of milk, broth, salty juice, diluted fruit juice needs to be included in the diet chart. Vitamin A, B, and C needs to be included in the diet in order to compensate the loss of vitality during the infection.

Liberal amount of liquids intake is solicited so that the toxins in body gets excreted in natural process.

The inclusion of well cooked natural carbohydrates helps curing the problem of typhoid and its weakness. The ideal diet for typhoid patients needs to be high in protein value; an adult typhoid patient is allowed to have 100 grams of protein everyday in his/her diet plan in post recovery period. Milk and egg are highly recommended for protein items.

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