Diet for Anti-Aging

Aging with time is a natural process; however everybody wants to look young forever. This desire of every person can be fulfilled to a certain extent by leading a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a proper diet and eating foods that help to keep the skin looking fresh and young and also help in fighting the early onset of age. Some essential food items that one has to include in the diet for escaping the onslaught of aging are the following:

Nuts are very good source of Vitamin B, iron, selenium, zinc and magnesium and hence help in keeping the skin firm. They also help to strengthen the brain and heart and provide one with daily doses of immense energy. But they should be taken in little amounts as they contain a lot of calories.

Fish is also considered to make the skin look beautiful and glowing. They contain Omega 3 fatty acids that kelp to provide the skin with a natural softness and brightness. Fishes like sardines, tuna, etc. are helpful in this case.

Legumes come with very less calories and are therefore a good choice for this diet. They are enriched with several valuable nutrients that help to keep the skin healthy and fresh.

Berries such as blackberries, black currants, black grapes, etc. contain flavonoids that are excellent anti oxidant agents that prevent the skin from the ravages of age.

Vitamin E is known to be best for the skin, and hence avocado which is a rich source of this vitamin should be eaten without fail.

Garlic is good in keeping the heart active and healthy by reducing the cholesterol level and it also helps prevent degeneration of cells.

Green leafy vegetables such as spinach, lettuce, broccoli and other green foods like wheatgrass are beneficial. Cruciferous vegetables like turnip, cabbages, brussels sprouts and radish have to be included in diet. They help to eliminate harmful toxins from the body. Fresh and colourful fruits and vegetables should be eaten in sufficient amounts.

Brown rice is enriched with high amount of fibre and Vitamin B and is a source of complex carbohydrate that is essential in maintaining vitality and energy.

Water should be consumed in large amounts daily to keep the body hydrated and rid it of various diseases. Water also helps in giving a glowing and problem free skin.

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